January 6, 2012, Phoenix, Ariz., Piper PA-28-181 Archer II


At about 1548 Mountain time, the airplane was substantially damaged during landing when it veered off the runway. The student pilot was not injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

Earlier, during a landing at a different airport, the airplane pulled to the right, but the pilot did not experience a runway excursion. After slowing, the pilot exited the runway, and the airplane taxied normally. The pilot shut down the engine and briefly examined the airplane, but did not observe any anomalies and departed on the next leg of a student cross-country flight. The next landing was normal, but once the nosegear touched down, the airplane veered right and departed the runway. The airplane struck a runway distance sign and then a berm. The nose landing gear, right main landing gear, and the right wing sustained significant damage.


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