July 08, Boston, Mass. / Cessna 402


At 12:15 eastern time, a Cessna 402C crashed just after takeoff from Logan International Airport. The pilot reported minor injuries. The pilot had requested an intersection departure on runway 22R. The ground controller advised the pilot that there would be a delay due to wake turbulence from a departing Boeing 737-300, and the pilot replied that he would waive the wake turbulence delay. A witness said the airplane was passing through 30 feet with the gear retracting when it made an abrupt left roll to 110 degrees left wing down. The left wing then struck the runway and the airplane crashed. The 737 pilot estimated he used about 5,000 feet of runway before taking off. The accident pilot departed 3,975 feet from the approach end of the runway and used another 1,500 feet on his takeoff roll.


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