July 10, 2012, Homer, Alaska, Cessna U206G Stationair


At about 2206 Alaska time, the float-equipped airplane sustained substantial damage while landing. The commercial pilot and three passengers sustained minor injuries; one passenger was fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed.
Just after touchdown, a gust of wind lifted the left wing and the right wing struck the water. The airplane nosed over abruptly, and the cabin immediately filled with cold lake water. A passenger reported he and three other occupants struggled to escape the sinking wreckage through the aft, right-side door, but it was difficult to open because the airplane’s extended flaps were blocking it. Eventually, he and three occupants were able to force open the door enough to escape. After they exited, they realized one passenger was still in the submerged wreckage, and attempted to rescue her. Once rescuers accessed the cabin area, they were able to free the unconscious and unresponsive passenger from her third row, left side seat.


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