July 12, 2012, Minneapolis, Minn., Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 21MF


The airplane was substantially damaged when it ran off the runway while attempting to land at 0958. The airline transport pilot sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.
The pilot later said he landed approximately 300 feet down the 5000-foot-long runway. Approximately 3-4 seconds after touching down, the pilot deployed the drag chute. As the chute deployed, it snapped off the back of the airplane. The pilot used the anti-skid braking system to slow the airplane, but it did not decelerate as he expected. When he realized that he was going to go off the runway, the pilot maneuvered the airplane onto an adjacent grassy area to avoid crossing a state highway. The airplane struck a berm and a chain link fence before coming to a stop upright.
The pilot said he tested the drag chute approximately three weeks before the accident and found no malfunctions. He had successfully deployed the drag chute about six or seven times prior to the accident.


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