July 19, Columbus, Ohio / Cessna 172


At about 08:10 eastern time, a Cessna 172M overran the runway and crashed when it turned back toward the airport after losing power on initial climb from Ohio State University Airport. The pilot received minor injuries. The pilot said he drained the sumps and found no water, then took off from runway 9R. When the airplane was about 500 feet above the ground, the engine started to sputter and then lost power. The pilot turned to land on runway 27R but overran the runway and crashed into a fence 500 feet beyond the end of the runway. No water was found in the tanks after the crash. Investigators ran the engine for about 15 seconds, during which time it ran labored. The bracket air filter was examined and found to contain a small amount of water. The engine was run again and accelerated to 1,200 rpm, with no problems reported. The pilot said he had made a two-second carb heat check during the runup but noted no rpm drop. Weather reports showed a light rain had fallen that morning and that the temperature was 17 C and the dewpoint was 14 C.


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