July 2, 2006, Owasso, Okla. / Cessna 180K


At about 0925 Central time, the airplane was substantially damaged during a takeoff from a residential street. The Private pilot sustained fatal injuries and the passenger was seriously injured. Visual conditions prevailed. A witness observed the accident airplane descend out of view behind a house and garage located several doors from where he was standing. The witness heard a bang and went to investigate. As he approached an intersection, he observed the airplane on the ground, taxiing north, before it turned 180 degrees back towards the south. Once the airplane completed its 180-degree turn, it started a southbound takeoff roll. Approximately 380 feet along its takeoff roll, the airplanes left wing impacted a street sign for the second time. As the airplane lifted off and climbed, its left wing came up under, and slid along, the lower transmission line before the airplane rolled across the wires and impacted the ground in a near vertical descent.


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