July 25, Pistol Creek, Idaho / Cessna Turbo Stationair


At 11:30 mountain time, a Cessna TU-206G struck trees while attempting an emergency landing at a remote airstrip about 40 miles east of McCall. The pilot was killed. The Part 135 cargo flight had just departed Pistol Creek Airstrip, en route to Cascade, when the pilot reported he was engine out into Pistol Creek. Witnesses heard a loud popping or sputtering sound, followed by an almost complete loss of any engine noise. The aircraft turned onto a left downwind for landing, then flew base and final trailing bluish-white smoke. The aircraft banked steeply during its turn from base to final but overshot the extended centerline of the runway and angled back in toward the runway. About 200 feet prior to reaching the runway, the aircraft struck trees and burst into flame.


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