July 26, 2005, Georgetown, Del. / Piper PA-28-181 Archer


At 1552 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged when it struck a moving automobile while on final approach to Josephs Airport (DE49), Georgetown, Delaware. The driver and passenger of the automobile were fatally injured. The Private pilot and two passengers were seriously injured. Visual conditions prevailed. The pilot subsequently stated that the airplanes sink rate was too high and he must have been too low.

Examination of the automobile revealed a vertical depression, approximately midway along the right side of the vehicle, that extended from the running board to the top of the roof. Propeller strikes measured at a 42-degree angle to the vehicles longitudinal axis were visible on both a radiator support member and the engine compartment hood. The approach end of the runway is 17.8 feet from the edge of the westbound lane of the county road.


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