July 3, Kutztown, Pa. / Cessna 172


At about 11:30 eastern time, a Cessna 172H was damaged during landing at the Kutztown Airport, but neither the flight instructor nor student pilot were injured. The student pilot said he had accumulated 40-50 hours over the past five years, with the last flight being about a year ago. The instructor said the student pilot made the first landing on the numbers then came around the pattern for another landing. During the second approach, the airplane was high, so the student selected full flaps. The descent rate became excessive and the CFI took over, adding power to go around, then aborted the go around and tried to land on the remaining runway. The airplane touched down on a grass strip adjacent to the runway and struck a hangar with its left wingtip. It then swung around and struck the hangar with its right wing.


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