July 30, 2008, West Chester, Penn., Eclipse Aviation EA500


The airplane sustained substantial damage at about 1830 Eastern time after running off the runway while landing. The airline transport pilot and the sole passenger were not injured. Day visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot subsequently reported during a visual approach, he “set up for a normal approach” and “dropped gear” and “one notch of flaps.” A short time later he selected landing flaps. He believed that he was “a little high” on the approach so he “dipped down.” As he passed the runway threshold his speed was “a little high,” but he thought it was manageable. After touchdown, he “got on the brakes” and felt the airplane skid, but decided not to “go around” due to the “distance left.” At this point he was “pumping” the wheel brakes “continuously,” and then applied “full brakes.” The airplane then began to skid to the right and went off the end of the runway.

The airplane traveled down a 40-foot embankment and crossed a service road, coming to rest against trees and a chain link fence approximately 184 feet beyond the runways departure end.

No preimpact mechanical failures of the flight control system, brake system, engine control systems or engines were discovered. Skid marks matching the accident airplane began approximately 868 feet west of the displaced threshold, and continued for about 2229 feet until they left the paved portion of the runway where ground scars were present and two broken runway threshold lights were discovered. The runway slopes downward one percent.


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