July 31, Anchorage, Alaska / Cessna 207


At about 2013 Alaska time, a Cessna 207 on a Part 135 trip was damaged when it struck a fence in a football complex in Anchorage. The pilot and one passenger were not injured. One passenger suffered minor injuries and one passenger was seriously injured. The flight departed Tyonek about a half-hour earlier. The pilot said he was approaching the destination airport at about 800 feet msl when the engine began running rough. He attempted to restore power, but the engine failed completely. He noted a complex of athletic fields below, but all of the baseball fields were in use, so he elected to land on a track within a football stadium. During touchdown, the airplanes left wing collided with a chain link fence. The airplane veered to the left, collided with a concrete embankment and cartwheeled. The pilot later said he routinely flies the trip between Anchorage and Beluga using only the right fuel tank and that the left tank was used only as a reserve. Prior to the accident flight, another pilot had been using the airplane and the accident pilot did not confirm the level in the fuel tanks before departing. Post accident investigation found 30 gallons of fuel in the left tank and 0.8 gallons in the right tank. The fuel selector was on the right tank.


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