June 10, 2007, Lantana, Fla., Cessna 172RG


The airplane was substantially damaged while landing at about 1930 Eastern time. Visual conditions prevailed; the Private pilot was not injured. After entering the pattern and initiating the pre-landing procedures, the landing gear would not go down and there were no green lights associated with the landing gear indicators. Attempts to lower the landing gear caused the circuit breaker to “pop.” He then initiated emergency procedures to extend the landing gear, but the hand pump also failed to extend the landing gear.

After recycling the gear and pumping for about 20 minutes, it was clear the landing gear would not extend; at the time, the pilot did not know the right main and nose gear were extended. During the landing, the right main landing gear and nose landing gear caused the airplane to swerve off the runway and into the gravel and grass.


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