June 14, 2004, Kodiak, Alaska / Beech C-45H


At about 1137 Alaska time, the twin-engine turboprop was destroyed during an in-flight collision with tree-covered terrain, about 10 miles east of Kodiak, Alaska. The airplane was being operated non-scheduled domestic cargo flight under FAR Part 135 during the accident flight. The solo Airline Transport Pilot was fatally injured. Instrument conditions prevailed at the destination airport and an IFR flight plan was filed. According to the FAA, the flight departed Anchorage at 0955. As the flight approached Kodiak, the ceiling and visibility lowered, and the pilot elected hold east of the airport to await more favorable weather. After holding for about 45 minutes, the weather had improved and the flight was cleared for the ILS Runway 25 approach. The pilot made initial contact with Kodiak ATCT personnel but no further radio communications were received from the accident airplane. Subsequently, a Coast Guard helicopter crew located the accident airplane on the southern end of Long Island, within an area of hilly, tree-covered terrain. On June 17, a witness reported seeing a light-colored, twin-engine turboprop airplane flying very low over the water, headed in an easterly direction, away from the Kodiak Airport, at about the time of the accident. The witness added that weather conditions at the time consisted of low clouds, fog and rain.


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