June 14, 2011, Linden, N.C., Grumman American AA-5A


The airplane was destroyed when it collided with trees during takeoff at about 1040 Eastern time. The commercial pilot and three passengers sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot stated he had been flying out of the departure airport for over 20 years and was very familiar with its 2850-foot-long turf runway. Additionally, he had departed many times with the three passengers aboard, who were his grandchildren. The pilot further stated the airplanes takeoff weight was below the 2200-pound maximum and he departed with an approximate five-knot headwind.

During initial climb, the pilot felt the engine was not developing full power and the airplane was not going to clear a tree at the end of the runway. Rather than risk a stall, the pilot lowered the nose and the airplane settled into trees. The airplane subsequently impacted the ground and a post-crash fire ensued. All occupants were able to safely egress before the fire consumed the airplane.


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