June 2, 2008, Logan, Utah, Piper PA-22-135


During a landing to Runway 17, with winds from 200 degrees at five knots, gusting to 14 knots, the main landing gear settled to the runway and forward pressure was applied to the control to initiate a wheel landing. Just before the tail wheel settled, the airplane began drifting to the right. Then, it swerved to the left, “triggered by a crosswind gust, use of brakes or clumsy footwork on the rudder that retarded the left wheel.” The airplane skidded to the left, which the pilot was unable to correct with right full rudder and aileron control. The airplane turned 180 degrees and exited the side of the runway into the soft dirt. The right main landing gear collapsed, the right wing and right elevator contacted the surface and were substantially damaged.


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