June 22, 2008, Millville, N.J., Aero Vodochody Aero. Works L-29


The airplane was substantially damaged at about 0800 Eastern time when it impacted terrain after experiencing loss of engine power during the initial climb. The private pilot and a passenger were fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed. The airplane was built as a Czech military jet trainer and was certificated as an experimental aircraft in the exhibition category. Witnesses reported “…when the aircraft was abeam the numbers at the approach end of runway 10, the loud engine went silent. A few seconds later, the left wing dipped and the aircraft went into a left spiraling spin, plunging below the tree line….” Witnesses reported the pilot fueled the airplane from a tank on the back of a pickup truck. According to fuel receipts, the pilot purchased about 138 gallons of “kerosene,” 6 gallons of “off road diesel,” and 27 gallons of “diesel” fuel, the day before the accident.


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