June 24, Rock Hill, S.C. / Beech Skipper


At about 11:45 eastern time, a Beech 77 overran the runway and struck a ditch while landing at a private airstrip named County Squire Field. The pilot and passenger were not injured. The pilot said he was making his first flight into the grass airstrip. The flight touched down about a third of the way down the 2,700-foot-long runway but rolled about 100 feet before all three wheels were on the ground. He applied the brakes and the airplane skidded to the left, which he corrected back to the runway centerline. He thought about performing a go-around but didnt think the airplane would clear trees ahead. The airplane went into the ditch at about 20 mph. Winds at the departure airport five miles away were 070 at 9 knots. The pilot was landing to the west.


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