June 27, 2004, Deep River, Conn. / Lake LA-250


At about 0815 Eastern time, the amphibian was substantially damaged during a water landing. The Private pilot received minor injuries; no one else was aboard. After a normal approach, the pilot leveled the airplane several feet above the water to bleed off airspeed, and noted that the water surface was rippled. When he attempted to land, the hull of the airplane touched the water, and the airplane bounced. Just before a second touchdown, the nose veered to the left and the airplane touched down at an angle relative to the direction of flight. To the pilots best recollection, the right wingtip caught the water, and the airplane flipped, landing upside down with the nose pointing in a direction opposite of the approach. The pilot exited the airplane, floated to the surface and waited until he was picked up by a boater.


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