June 7, 2005, Santa Ynez, Calif. / Cessna 172L


The airplane impacted the ramp area during an aborted landing attempt at about 1355 Pacific time, sustaining substantial damage. The Private pilot and two passengers were seriously injured; visual conditions prevailed. The airport manager witnessed the accident and later stated that, during the initial climb from Runway 26, at about 100 feet agl, the airplane began to pitch into a nose-high attitude. The airplanes nose then dropped into a nose-low configuration and impacted the ramp tie-down area just north of the runway. The pilot later reported that, while attempting to land, the airplane began to drift to the right and the nose pitched up. He opted to abort the landing and applied full power. The nose of the airplane continued to pitch up and the left wing stalled; the airplane dove toward the surface in a left, nose-low descent.


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