June 8, 2008, Fremont, Ohio, Cessna U206C


At 1256 Eastern time, the airplane impacted terrain about mile from the approach end of the runway. The pilot was providing rides during a scheduled Lyons Club Fly-In Breakfast. The pilot and five passengers were fatally injured. The Fly-In had been held at least for the past 10 years at the airport, which was owned by the pilot. Visual conditions prevailed at the time of the accident.

Witnesses reported that the airplane was flying at a low altitude heading towards the west/southwest when it banked, descended, and impacted a field behind a house. One witness stated that the airplane was flying very slow, almost on the edge of a stall. This witness further stated that he heard the engine “throttle up” and then the airplane appeared to stall with the left wing “dipping.” The airplane then descended below the tree line.


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