March 01, Leesburg, Va. / Socata TBM-700


At about 1445 eastern time, a Socata TBM-700 struck trees during an instrument approach to Leesburg Executive Airport. The pilot and two other occupants were killed. The pilot was cleared for the LOC Rwy 17 approach and instructed to maintain 3,000 feet until established. The decision height for the approach is 400 feet. Radar data showed the airplane bracket the localizer course, making five or six turns across the approach course. Data showed the airplane was still at 700 feet about two miles from the airport when it turned toward the east. Groundspeed had slowed to about 70 knots. A pilot-rated witness said it appeared the airplane was on the backside of the power curve when the pilot tried to make a missed approach and the airplane stalled while turning left.


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