March 09, Stratford, Conn. / Hawker Siddeley HS-125


About 14:01 eastern time, a Hawker Siddeley HS-125-3A overran the runway while landing at Sikorsky Memorial Airport. The two pilots were not injured. The copilot, who was flying, said she flew the ILS approach and landed, but did not have any braking effectiveness as the airplane touched down on the runway. With 1,000 feet remaining, the copilot selected the emergency brakes. With no results, the copilot selected the parking brake. The airplane continued off the departure end of the runway and through a fence. A witness reported the jet crossed over the threshold of the runway at about 100 feet and about 125 feet to the right of the runway centerline. The airplane banked to the left about 10-15 degrees and became aligned with the centerline of the runway. The witness said it was landing hot but could not estimate a numerical speed. A pilot who had flown the ILS to Runway 6 just prior to the accident airplane reported braking as good with slushy patches and snow accumulations toward the middle of the runway. The controller who had issued the landing clearance for the airplane observed the airplane touch down on Runway 6 abeam Taxiway Bravo, with 3,200 feet remaining. Post-accident investigation showed no problems with the aircrafts brakes.


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