March 9, 2013, Woodinville, Wash., Maule M-5 Strata Rocket


The airplane was substantially damaged at about 1445 Pacific time when it impacted a residential house following a loss of control while maneuvering at low altitude. The private pilot sustained fatal injuries; the single passenger was seriously injured. Visual conditions existed for the local flight.

One witness reported observing the airplane circling at low altitude. A second witness heard a pop sound, then a puff or a sputter and then nothing.

The main wreckage was partially inside the garage of a residential home. The airplane initially impacted a van parked on the west side of the home’s driveway with its left wing. The left wing separated from the fuselage and came to rest about 20 feet west of the main wreckage. The forward cabin and cockpit areas sustained extensive impact damage. The right wing remained attached to the airplane. All major airplane components were identified at the accident site.


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