May 14, 2005, Houston, Texas / Cessna 210L


The airplane was substantially damaged at approximately 2230 Central time when it struck a parked airplane following a loss of directional control during the landing roll at the Weiser Air Park (EYQ), near Houston, Texas. The Commercial pilot and three passengers were not injured. Dark night visual conditions prevailed. The cross-country flight originated from the Lakefront Airport (NEW), New Orleans, La. The pilot later reported that after a normal approach to Runway 27 and at an indicated airspeed of approximately 90 knots, the airplane landed some 500 feet beyond the approach end of the runway. During the landing roll, the airplane veered to the left every time the pilot applied brakes. The pilot stated that he let the airplane go left into the grass in hopes it would slow [the airplane] down. As the airplane crossed a taxiway, the pilot attempted to lock the brakes, however, the brakes would not lock up. As the airplane continued turning left, the pilot aligned the airplane parallel to a row of aircraft hangars adjacent to the runway. Subsequently, the outboard tip of the left wing struck the vertical stabilizer of a parked Cessna 182. The pilot added that during an earlier flight that day, he noticed that the airplane pulled slightly to the left as brakes were applied. Examination of the left and right brakes revealed no anomalies.


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