May 5, 2012, Honesdale, Penn. Cessna 177B Cardinal


At about 1230 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain. The private pilot was fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

Several witnesses stated that the airplane completed approaches to Runway 18 even though the windsock indicated stiff winds from the north/northwest. The accident airplane’s first two approaches resulted in go-arounds. As the airplane approached the runway a third time, it appeared to be “unusually fast.” It commenced a landing flare past the runway identification numbers, and “floated a long way” until it “forcefully” touched down nose-wheel-first, then porpoised several times.

Just past the windsock, engine power was applied, and the airplane’s nose pitched up in excess of 20 degrees. The airplane then stalled at what one witness estimated to be 200 to 300 feet agl and began a spin to the left, completing about 180 degrees of rotation before impacting the ground.


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