May 7, Show Low, Ariz. / Cessna Turbo Centurion


At 10:00 MST, a Cessna T210L departed the runway while landing at Show Low. The pilot and two passengers received minor injuries. The other two passengers were not injured. According to a pilot-rated passenger seated in the right front seat, the pilot unsuccessfully tried to get a wind and runway advisory from Unicom and did not overfly the airfield or make a low pass along the runway. After turning final, the aircraft drifted off course to the left, and then began to weathervane to the right during the rollout on the runway. The aircraft then crossed the centerline and off the right side of the runway. The pilot added power and returned to the runway, but crossed the centerline again and ran off the left side. The airplane then struck a ditch, collapsing the nose gear.


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