May 8, 2008, Black Hawk, Colo., Cessna 182H


The airplane impacted terrain and was destroyed at approximately 1545 Mountain time following a partial loss of engine power. The private pilot was fatally injured and the passenger sustained serious injuries. Instrument conditions were reported by the passenger.

In a statement, the passenger reported the airplane was cruising at 16,000 feet msl and entered clouds containing light snow. Thereafter, the airplane would not maintain altitude and its engine began to sputter. The passenger recalls that the pilot stated that they were experiencing a “mixture problem.” The passenger stated the airplane would “nose over” as the pilot attempted to control it. The airplane impacted a mountain at 10,400 feet msl. The passenger egressed the airplane, freed the pilot, called for emergency services and attempted to provide medical assistance to the pilot.

All major components were accounted for at the accident site. Both fuel tanks were breached, but fuel remained in them. The fuselage was crushed on the pilots side and the engine was partially buried into the snow and soil.


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