Nov. 13, Winchester, Va. / Cessna Skyhawk


At about 08:00 eastern time, a Cessna 172L ran out of fuel and crashed near Winchester Airport. The pilot received minor injuries. The pilot said he departed Bangor, Maine, on November 12 and stopped in Oxford, Conn., where the airplane was refueled. The pilot then flew to Doylestown, Pa., and arrived after dark. Due to the lack of ground transportation, he spent the night in the airplane and departed about 04:30 the following morning for Front Royal, Va. At Front Royal, he encountered low clouds and flew to his planned alternate of Luray Caverns, Va. Again, he encountered low clouds and proceeded toward New Market, Virginia, where low clouds were also present. The pilot returned to the Front Royal area where he established radio contact with Dulles Approach Control. He reported he was low on fuel and requested vectors to the nearest VFR airport. He was vectored toward Winchester but made a forced landing about two miles from the airport. The airplane had been flown about 5.5 hours since its last refueling.


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