Nov. 21, Brookville, Pa. / Cessna Skylane


At 18:30 eastern time, a Cessna 182 lost engine power and was damaged in the ensuing forced landing, leaving the pilot with minor injuries. The pilot said he departed at about 16:45 on a cross-country trip. He set power and leaned the engine to about 11.5 gph. After about 2 hours, 15 minutes of flight, the engine lost power. He reported the loss of power on 121.5 and another pilot helped the pilot troubleshoot the problem. The pilot checked the magnetos, turned the carburetor heat ON and checked the fuel selector, which was in the Both position. The pilot ensured that the primer was locked and set the mixture to full rich, the throttle to full open, and the boost pump to ON. The pilot began a descent at best glide speed and turned toward the nearest airport. About 1,500 feet agl the engine completely lost power. Post accident investigation revealed the left wing contained about 25 gallons of fuel. The airplane had a usable fuel load of 56 gallons and did not have a Both position on the fuel selector.


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