November 24, 2004, Paeonian Spring, Va. / Cessna 310R


The airplane was substantially damaged and both aboard were fatally injured at about 1209 Eastern time after impacting terrain during an approach to the Leesburg Executive Airport in Leesburg, Va. Widespread instrument conditions prevailed for the flight from Wilmington, N.C. Earlier, the pilot had attempted the Localizer Runway 17 approach at Leesburg, which resulted in a missed approach. During a second attempt at the approach, the airplane impacted trees about 4.5 miles from the Runway 17 threshold. Examination of the wreckage revealed that the pilots altimeter displayed a reading of 190 feet; its Kollsman window displayed an altimeter setting of 29.83 inches of mercury. Weather reported at Leesburg, at 1201, included 10 statute miles of visibility an overcast cloud layer at 300 feet agl and an altimeter setting of 29.80 inches of mercury. The airport elevation at Leesburg is 389 feet msl.


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