November 25, 2004, Kilmichael, Miss. / Cessna 195


The airplane impacted the ground after colliding with power lines at about 1501 Central time. Visual conditions prevailed; The Private pilot and one passenger received fatal injuries, and the airplane was destroyed. Friends of the pilots family later stated the pilot and his son had dropped off the pilots father, daughter and niece and were returning to the Winona-Montgomery County Airport, which is near the home of the pilots in-laws. Witnesses at the in-laws house saw the airplane fly over the house, turn around and fly toward the house at a low altitude. The airplanes left landing gear collided with power lines spanning a pond behind the house. The airplane nosed over and impacted the ground at the water line of the pond. The airplane cartwheeled between several trees before coming to a stop upside down in the backyard of the home.


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