November 25, Warren, Ore. / Beech Bonanza


At about 0655 Pacific time, a Beech S35 was destroyed following an in-flight breakup and uncontrolled descent from cruise flight while en route from Arlington, Wash. to Fresno, Calif. The pilot and three passengers were killed. The pilot requested a weather briefing about 1 1/2 hours before the flight and filed an IFR flight plan. Instrument meteorological conditions were reported over the pilots route of flight. After about an hour of flight, while at 11,000 feet msl, the pilot requested a higher altitude and was cleared to 13,000 feet msl. He subsequently reported that he was at 13,000 feet and clear of rime ice. At 0655 the pilot advised Center that he had lost suction, and declared mayday. There was no further communication with the pilot. Both wings and the tail section of the airplane were found about one nautical mile from the fuselage and engine.


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