November 30, 2004, Philadelphia, Penn. / Mitsubishi MU-2


The aircraft was substantially damaged at 0608 Eastern time when it collided with an aircraft tug during an attempted takeoff from the Philadelphia International Airport. There were no injuries among the pilot, the tug driver, or two additional ground personnel. Visual conditions prevailed for the flight. At 0604, a Delta Air Lines maintenance tug, towing an MD-80, contacted the ground controller, advised he was at the south apron and requested to relocate to Echo one. The tug was cleared to …proceed as requested and cross Runway 35 to spot eleven and call ramp control. At 0605, the MU-2s pilot advised he was ready for takeoff on Runway 35 at the Kilo intersection. He was subsequently cleared for takeoff after being advised of traffic to avoid in his departure flight path. According to the pilot, during the takeoff roll, he observed an aircraft tug at the runways centerline, moving right to left. The pilot then aborted the takeoff, applying maximum braking and reverse thrust. He attempted to maneuver the airplane to the left side of the runway toward the grass; however, the airplane contacted the tug at the intersection of Runway 35 and taxiways Golf and Echo. The MU-2s right wing tip fuel tank was separated from the right wing and impacted the tug cab. The right wing structure sustained substantial damage and bald spots were observed on the landing gear tires. No damage was observed to the MD-80.


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