November 5, 2007, Fort Worth, Texas, Beech J35 Bonanza


At approximately 1115 Central time, the airplane was substantially damaged during a forced landing following a loss of engine power. The private pilot and sole occupant received serious injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

After reporting the loss of engine power, ATC cleared the pilot to land. A controller observed the airplane on short final with the landing gear still retracted. Before the controller could query the pilot about the landing gear, the pilot reported that he would not be able to land at the airport and maneuvered the airplane for an open field near the ramp of a major highway.

The aircraft came to rest approximately 870 yards from the intended runways approach end. The engine was damaged and nearly separated from the aircraft. Both wingtip fuel tanks ruptured. Structural damage was noted to the wings and fuselage of the aircraft. Shoulder harnesses were not installed in the aircraft.


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