November 9, 2009, Greer, S.C., Raytheon Aircraft Company B200


At about 1009 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged following a loss of engine power and impact with terrain on final approach. The airline transport pilot and two passengers were seriously injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

Following an engine ground run, the pilot and two passengers departed for a flight in the local traffic pattern. While airborne, ATC instructed the pilot to reduce speed to prevent overtaking a preceding aircraft. The pilot then advised he was “low on fuel” but did not declare an emergency. The airplane impacted terrain approximately 0.125 miles short of Runway 4, resulting in structural damage to the airframe. An on-site inspection of the wreckage revealed approximately one half gallon of fuel in the fuel tanks. There was no evidence of a fuel spillage on the ground.

Two mechanics who performed the engine run prior to the accident flight reported that they checked the fuel quantity aboard the airplane during the engine run. The auxiliary fuel tanks were empty, and the main tanks each indicated approximately 200 pounds of fuel.


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