Oct. 6, Edgartown, Mass. / Mitsubishi Solitaire


At about 21:58 eastern time, a Mitsubishi MU-2B-26A crashed short of the runway while making an ILS approach into Vineyard Haven Airport. The pilot and three passengers were killed. The flight had departed Trenton, N.J., without a flight plan and weather conditions deteriorated en route. The pilot then contacted Cape Approach as he neared Edgartown and asked for an ILS approach. Night IMC prevailed. He was cleared for the approach, and the tower controller later issued a low altitude warning to the pilot. He acknowledged the warning and said he would climb. The flight was cleared to land and the controller asked how long hed be staying. The pilot responded theyd be staying overnight. No further transmissions were received. The wreckage was found about -mile from the approach end of the runway and about 50 feet to the right of the extended centerline. No precrash mechanical anomalies were detected, although the airplane was severely damaged by a post-crash fire.


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