October 01, Laramie, Wyo. / Cessna 210


At 1627 mountain time, a Cessna T210M struck terrain while maneuvering 16 miles northeast of Laramie, killing the pilot. Instrument meteorological conditions existed at the accident site and the airplane had been on an IFR flight plan. The pilot was at FL170 when he requested a descent to 13,000 feet to see if we can work our way through these clouds. Ten minutes later he reported he was presently about 39 miles to the northwest of Laramie. Got a pretty big opening. Im gonna cancel out on this IFR. I think I can make a big circle and get under this scattered layer… Radar contact was lost seven minutes later after the airplane had made three 360-degree turns and was at 10,500 feet. The airplane struck upsloping rocky terrain at an elevation of 8,491 feet, skipped over the top of a small rise, and bounced twice on the other side before sliding to a halt. The pilots logbook contained 37 hours in actual IMC.


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