October 02, West Carrollton, Ohio / Beagle B.206


At about 1540 eastern time, a Beagle B.206 Basset crashed in West Carrollton while on a ferry flight to Easton, Md. The pilot was killed. The airplane had been parked at Moraine Airpark for about six months. The pilot obtained a ferry flight permit to move the airplane, which was out of annual. A mechanic who helped prepare the airplane for flight reported draining about 2.5 gallons of water from the airplanes center sump drain. It was then fueled with 224.5 gallons of avgas and the pilot prepared for departure. A witness said the engines sounded like they were running smoothly but not developing full power. When the airplane was about three-fourths of the way down the 3,500-foot runway, it rotated abruptly and the landing gear was retracted. The airplane settled toward the ground, clearing a levee at the end of the runway by only a few feet, then began a slow climb to about 120 feet. At that point, the airplane banked slightly, a puff of smoke appeared, and the airplane banked in what was described as a Vmc rollover. Evidence at the crash scene suggested the left engine was not developing power at the time of impact. The pilot had more than 27,000 hours of flight experience.


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