October 03, Lewisville, Texas / Cirrus SR-22


At approximately 1440 central time, a Cirrus SR-22 crashed following an in-flight separation of the left aileron during cruise flight near Lewisville. The pilot activated the airplanes parachute and was not injured. The pilot said the airplane had been in for completion of Cirrus service bulletin 22-95-05, which called for replacement of the parachute activation cable, and SB A22-27-03, which called for replacement of the trim cartridge self-locking nut. The pilot conducted a preflight inspection and took off. A few minutes after takeoff, the pilot noticed the airplane was pulling to the left and discovered the left aileron was separated at one hinge attach point. He declared an emergency, flew toward an unpopulated area, climbed to 2,500 feet and deployed the parachute. When the parachute deployed, the left aileron separated from the airplane. Examination of the left aileron and the airframe aileron hinges revealed that the outboard aileron hinge bolt was missing, and no evidence of safety wire was noted. The inboard aileron hinge bolt was found pulled from the airframe aileron hinge bearing. SB A22-27-03 required removal and reinstallation of the left aileron.


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