October 3, 2004, Marion, Iowa / Piper PA-28-180


The aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted an airport hangar while attempting a go-around from Runway 17 at the Marion (Iowa) Airport at 0930 Central time. The Private pilot and passenger reported minor inuries; visual conditions prevailed. According to the pilot, on his first landing approach, he encountered turbulence and decided to go around for another attempt. During the second approach, the airplane again encountered turbulence and the pilot went around. The pilot stated, Immediately it felt like a gust of wind went under my right wing and belly and just started pushing me over, to the left. I immediately applied right rudder and aileron as hard as I could and tried to push the nose down but there was no response. The airplane went up and over to the left and impacted the airport hangar. The pilot stated the passenger might have inadvertently stomped on the pedals during the go-around. Reported weather at a nearby airport included wind from 200 degrees true at 15 knots with gusts to 19 knots.


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