October 3, 2010, Avalon, Calif., Cessna 310


At about 1535 Pacific time, the airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain immediately after takeoff. The non-instrument-rated owner-pilot and one passenger received minor injuries; one passenger received serious injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

The previous day, the pilot flew the passengers to Catalina Island and then flew back to the mainland. On the day of the accident, the pilot arrived and joined the passengers for lunch. The pilot then noticed weather was deteriorating and suggested they depart. The passengers and pilot boarded the airplane, and the pilot conducted an “abbreviated” runup. The takeoff roll was normal, but shortly after liftoff, the airplane veered “sharply to the left,” which the pilot interpreted as left-engine failure. The pilot then noticed the “right wing coming up,” so he retarded the right throttle. The airplane then entered a fog bank and impacted terrain. It came to a stop with the cabin intact. The airplane was subsequently engulfed by fire. All three occupants exited the airplane without external assistance.


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