October 5, 2012, Chandler, Ariz. Piper PA-28-161/Piper PA-28R-201


At about 1415 local time, the two airplanes collided in mid-air. Each airplane had aboard a flight instructor and student pilot. No injuries were reported from either airplane. Visual conditions prevailed.

The Arrow’s CFI reported completing an NDB interception exercise when he noticed a very close, fast, blurred object approaching from almost directly ahead. The object seemed to be in a left turn and was lower than his airplane. The Warrior’s CFI reported seeing an airplane directly ahead and slightly higher. He took the controls and made an abrupt, nose-down left turn prior to impacting the other airplane.

After the midair collision caused substantial damage to its right wing, the Warrior was landed at a nearby airport. The Arrow sustained substantial damage to its left wing and horizontal stabilator and was landed off-airport.


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