October 6, 2010, Springfield, Mo., Grumman American AA-5A


At about 1040 Central time, the airplane was destroyed by ground impact and post-impact fire after a loss of control during a go-around. The private pilot and right-seat passenger received serious injuries. The rear-seat passenger received fatal injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

A witness saw the airplane landing with its right wing almost hitting the ground. He then saw the airplane at about 100 feet agl, at a slow airspeed and in a nose-high attitude. Its wings were rocking left and right, and then the right wing dropped. He reported that the airplane “stalled” and the airplanes right wing impacted the ground in a steep nose-down attitude.

The pilot was able to exit the airplane under his own power. Local citizens rescued the second passenger, but were unable to rescue the rear seat passenger due to the post-impact fire.


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