October 9, 2012, Laramie Peak, Wyo. Piper PA-32R-301T Saratoga


The airplane collided with mountainous terrain at about 1344 Mountain time. The private pilot and three passengers were fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed at the departure and destination airports. After family members alerted the FAA the flight was overdue, an alert notice (ALNOT) for the missing airplane was issued. On October 11, search and rescue personnel discovered the accident site.

The wreckage was located on the southeast (upslope) side of Laramie Peak about 150 feet below the summit, which is the highest obstruction between the wreckage and the destination airport. Weather in the area during the timeframe of the accident included low clouds and mountain obscuration. An Airmet for mountain obscuration had been issued for the area and timeframe of the accident.


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