Sept. 1, Seven Springs, Pa. / Cessna 310


At about 14:50 eastern time, a Cessna 310 crashed while attempting to make a single-engine landing at Seven Springs Airport. The two occupants suffered minor injuries. The airplane was in cruise flight from Atlanta to Glens Falls, N.Y., and had made a fuel stop in Charleston, W.Va. The flight at 5,000 feet was uneventful until the passenger told the pilot the right engine spinner looked unusual. To get a better look at the spinner, the pilot reduced the throttle on the right engine, but still could not identify the problem. The pilot then advised air traffic control that he was going to shut down the right engine to examine the spinner. After securing the engine, the pilot could see the spinner had a tear in it. He restarted the engine, but then shut it down because of a vibration and elected to divert to Seven Springs. While on short final, the pilot realized he would not make his intended touchdown point and decided to go around. He advanced the throttle on the left engine, the airplane rolled right and the right wing contacted several trees. The right spinner had a 1/2-inch crack that turned into a tear that went a third of the way around the spinner.


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