Sept. 27, Owingsville, Ky. / Cessna Skylane


At 13:50 eastern time, a Cessna 182Q crashed during a forced landing in Owingsville; the pilot, who was not wearing a seatbelt, died of injuries he received. The pilot departed Manassas, Va., and was cruising about 30 miles east of Lexington when he contacted Lexington Approach to report he was low fuel and engine sputtering. The pilot transmitted only two calls before radio contact was lost. The airplane crashed adjacent to the westbound lanes of Interstate 64. The airplane showed evidence that it had a fuel leak for some time. Water was drained from the airplanes fuel tanks, fuel lines, carburetor bowl and cylinders. One of the fuel caps was broken and the inside of the filler port was rusted and the fuel bladder was wrinkled. The airplane was out of annual, the pilots last medical was issued four years earlier and his BFR was a year past due.


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