September 08, Byram Township, N.J. / Piper Saratoga


At 1821 eastern time, a Piper PA 32R-301T crashed in the woods in Byram Township following a loss of engine power. The pilot and one passenger were killed and two other passengers were seriously injured. The pilot declared an emergency at 1817 when the airplane lost engine power while cruising at 3,500 feet. The airplane was six miles from Aeroflex-Andover Airport and the controller gave the pilot vectors to the airfield. The airplane crashed three miles from the field. Examination of the engine revealed that the zinc-plated crankshaft gear attachment bolt was fractured. The manufacturers specifications revealed that a cadmium-plated bolt was indicated for the crankshaft gear application. The airplane had been manufactured in 1997 and had accumulated less than 490 hours.


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