September 1, 2006, Argyle, Fla. / Mitsubishi MU-2B-35


At approximately 1115 Central time, the aircraft was destroyed when it impacted terrain; the Airline Transport pilot and sole occupant was fatally injured. Instrument conditions prevailed. At 1111:04, the pilot told ATC, “…were at one-one thousand; like to get down lower so we can get underneath this stuff.” Shortly after its pilot received a clearance to 3000 feet, the aircraft was observed in a nose-down spiral with parts separating from it. The witness stated it was raining and there was lightning and thunder in the area.

The left wing, with the left engine and tip tank attached, was located approximately 0.5 miles northwest of the main wreckage. The fracture surfaces were consistent with a positive G, static overload failure. Doppler weather radar data indicated intense to extreme (VIP Level 5 to VIP Level 6) weather radar echoes in the accident area.


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