September 1, 2011, Baton Rouge, La., Bombardier Inc. CL-600-2B19


At about 1642 Central time, a Bombardier CL-600-2B19 operated as Delta Connection Flight 5058, landed with its left main landing gear in the retracted position. The airline transport pilot captain, first officer, flight attendant, and 50 passengers were not injured. The airplane received minor damage. Visual conditions prevailed.

While configuring the airplane for landing, the flight crew observed a landing gear disagree message, and the left main gear indicated that it was not down and locked. Emergency procedures were performed, including cycling the landing gear handle and the use of the alternate gear extension (manual release) system; however, the crew was unable to get the left landing gear to extend. The captain declared an emergency and elected to land the airplane with the right main landing gear and nose gear extended. The airplane came to rest in an upright and left-wing-low position.


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