September 15, Twin Falls, Idaho / Cessna 182


At approximately 1035 mountain time, a Cessna TR182 struck fuel trucks during an attempted go-around at Joslin Field. The pilot and two passengers were killed. A fueler who was driving one of the five fuel trucks to its parking area on the ramp saw the Cessna veering to the left of the runway 12 extended centerline as it passed the approach end of the runway. The aircraft continued to diverge from the runway centerline while in an approximate 30-45 degree right wing down angle of bank. The aircraft remained in flight approximately five feet above the ground throughout the maneuver without losing or gaining any significant altitude. The airplane struck one of four fuel trucks parked together, causing it to explode. The fire caused two other fuel trucks to be destroyed. The remaining truck was slightly damaged. Winds at the time were reported to be 160 to 170 degrees at 19 knots with gusts to 30 knots.


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